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Congratulations on making your first decision towards a healthy lifestyle.

This 12-week plan will help you transform your body, lose fat, tone muscles and increase the overall level of fitness. We’ve compressed an entire full-body makeover into 12-weeks to give you life-changing results as quickly as possible. No guesswork, all you need to do is show up! And guess what? You will join other fitness enthusiasts just as you on this journey.

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✅ By completing this page, I agree to put my best foot forward when it comes to taking action with the training. Because I’m ready to learn from people who have worked with 100’s of people and help them transform themselves.

Meet Your FitwithNit Team

Puravi – Accountability Assistant

Nita – Head Coach

Madhu – Certified Dietitian


✅ Your Personalised Meal Plan – UPDATED MONTHLY

✅ Daily Support From Nita, Support Assistant and Nutrition Team

✅ Your Personalized Workout Program (Gym or Home) – Updated Monthly

✅ Macro, Calorie Target Setting & Supplements Guidance

✅ Goal Setting and Goal Structure-Based Around Your Needs And Dreams

✅ Fast Fat Burning Cardio Routines (HIIT)

✅ Private Like-Minded Fitness Enthusiasts Chat Group

✅ ​Diet Choices – Keto, Low carb, Indian Vegetarian

✅ ​Inspiration Guides & eBooks

✅ ​​Members Only Mobile App

✅ ​​​100% Money Back Guarantee



12 Week Results Guarantee

FitwithNit offers a 100% money-back guarantee — the refund is provided when a client followed all the daily guidelines provided but is not happy with the final results. FitwithNit has an extensive tracking system for the client’s progress, if the client fails to complete the daily tasks in the program, the 100% money-back guarantee does not apply.

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