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I’m One of the Highest Rated Online Fitness Trainers in NZ, and Here is What I Never Do in The Gym
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FitwithNit is an online fitness program that has created quite a buzz for catering a fitness program for Indians living overseas. The program is designed to help Indian Immigrants achieve their fitness goals without restrictive dieting and with the help of a personalized workout plan, three team members on one client, and daily check-ins.

After helping 500+ clients online and helping them achieve their desired fitness goals, I wanted to share with you some of the things I never do in the gym. I have learned these tips and tricks through my experience and have found them to be ineffective or even detrimental to one’s fitness journey.

Never Add Weight Before Nailing Your Form

One of the most important things that I never do in the gym is adding weight before nailing my form. Proper form is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of exercises, preventing injuries, and ensuring that you are targeting the right muscle groups. I always make sure to master the movement with my own body weight before adding any weight.


Never Look for Ways to Hide the Fact You Don’t Train Legs

Another thing that I never do in the gym is look for ways to hide the fact that I don’t train legs. Many people tend to neglect training legs, but it is important to have a well-rounded workout that includes exercises for all muscle groups. I always make sure to include exercises for legs in my workout routine.


Never Waste Time on Your Phone Between Sets

I also never waste time on my phone between sets. The gym is a place for working out, not for browsing social media or texting friends. Taking breaks to check your phone can disrupt your workout flow and reduce your overall productivity. I rather use phone before starting the workout or after completing it.

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Never Confuse Training Hard with Making Progress

Another thing that I never do in the gym is confuse training hard with making progress. While it is important to challenge yourself and push your limits, it is also important to give your body enough time to recover. Overworking your body can lead to muscle imbalances, injury, and even burnout.


Never Workout Without Having a Structured Plan

I never workout without having a structured plan. Going to the gym without a plan can lead to wasting time and not getting the most out of your workout. I always make sure to have a plan that includes a variety of exercises and targets specific muscle groups.


Never Blindly Copy an Exercise Someone Else is Doing

Lastly, I never blindly copy an exercise someone else is doing. Just because someone else is doing an exercise, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. It’s important to understand your own body, your fitness level and what works best for you.


In conclusion, these are some of the things that I never do in the gym as an experienced fitness trainer. By following these tips, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout, avoiding common mistakes, and reaching your fitness goals.

Remember that consistency, dedication and patience are key. If you have any questions or need help with your fitness journey, feel free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to help. Book a call with us:

Nita (FitwithNit), a certified personal trainer and fitness expert who specializes in helping Indian immigrants achieve their fitness goals without any food or lifestyle restrictions. With a background in Physcial Fitness & Nutrition, Nita understands the unique challenges that come with navigating a new culture and country while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nita is passionate about empowering her clients to make sustainable changes to their fitness routine, and helping them feel confident and strong in their bodies. Follow her on social media for tips and inspiration on your fitness journey.


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